Active Ingredient

Fluazinam 50% w/v


Suspension Concentrate   SC


A protective fungicide, it has a systemic effect, with a good residual effect and is resistant to rain. It works to prevent the growth of spores and fungal filaments from growing and thus protects the plant from fungal pathogens.It can be mixed with most insecticides and fungicides, except alkaline. It is preferable to do a mini-mixing experiment 24 hours before spraying.


100 ml, 250 ml ,500 ml , 1L

safety period Usage rate

ml/20 liters

Pest Crop
7 21 Downy mildew – Alternaria spot cabbage
7 22 Carrot blight – white mold – Alternaria blight carrots
14 11-19 White mold – gray mold Beans, kidney beans, cowpeas, lupins, chickpeas
7 22 Leaf blight caused by botrytis – neck rot caused by botrytis – downy mildew – purple spot Onions, garlic
7 17-35 Late blight – Downy mildew – Gum stem blight Cucumber, pumpkin, squash
14 8 late blight Ginger, Sweet Potato, Potato
8-11 white mold
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