FALCON SUPER GREEN is produced from high-quality raw materials to ensure better results and optimal plant adsorption for nutrients.


40 – 0 – 0



Application Rate
Crop Foliar Application (ml/200 L) Soil Application Time of Application
vegetable (greenhouse) 200-300 2-4 L/500 m2 ·  used in the vegetative growth phase and during the season

·  used at the beginning of spring growth and until the end of the season

vegetable (open feild) 250-350 3-4L/dunm
Fruit tree 200-300 4-5L/dunm

50-150 ml/tree

Field crop 250-350 2-3 L/dunm


Tornado Liquid NPK fertilizer for enhancing flowering and root growth at early plant stages.

  • Applicable on all crops, especially for root system development and flowering stage.
  • Best formula for field and forage crops at early growth stages.
Application Rate
Foliar Application 3-5 Lit /hectare
By drip irregation 4-20 lit / hectare


An essential source of phosphorous for plant growth, Easy soluble liquid fertilizer that contains a high percentage of phosphorous. used to clean sprinklers and drip hoses when used in certain concentrations. excellent efficacy in alkaline and lime soils. And the high effect on reducing the pH of alkaline soil.

Swellers grades w/v:

85%Phosphoric Acid H3PO4


Application Rate
Firtigation 3-5 ml/1L of water

El Sarie

Liquid Potassium fertilizer which improves fruit quality & quantity.


El Sarie grades w/v:

60 % Potassium

Application Rate
Crop Time Foliar

(ml /200 lit water)

Fertigation (per hectare)
Vegetables in open field After flowering and beginning of fruit set, repeat once every 2 weeks 200-300 ml 15-20 lit
Olives and citrus After fruit set, repeat 2 times among the season 200-300 ml 20-25 lit
Fruit trees After fruit set, repeat 2 time among the season 200-300 ml 20-25 lit
Field and forage crops At swelling stage 160-240 ml 15-20 lit


Contains macro and micro nutrients in addition to amino acids and vitamins, which make it the integrated plant nutrition compound. Obviates the addition of other fertilizers , it has been outfitted to suit various growth stages and cure deficiency symptoms

Application Rate
Crop Timing
Soil fertigation Dilute 20 ml / 20 lit of water and irrigate the solution once a week.
Foliar Spray 20 ml /20 lit of water , spray once every three weeks there is no contradiction between foliar and soil application.


Qwenzgrades w/v:

Organic Matter M.O             20%

Nitrogen N          5%

Phosphorus  P2O5     2%

Potassium    K2O  4

Iron   Fe     0.5%

Calcium CaO              1.2%

Sulfur S2%

Zinc   Zn     0.3%

Manganese  Mn     0.1%

Copper Cu0.1%

Boron B      0.05%

Molybdenum Mo      0.001%

Amino acids and vitamins   3%


Note: Could be mixed with pesticides, but it is better to make a small-scale test


Foliar liquid fertilizer, contains macro elements derived form pure sources.

Application Rate
Crop Grade
Spot 12-10-8+20% O.M
Spot 7-5-5
Rate ( foliar /200 lit water)
Vegetables 15-20 lit / hectare 150-200 ml
Fruit trees 50-100 ml/ tree 200-250 ml
Flowers and ornamentals 15-20 lit / hectare 100-150 ml
Field and forage crops 10-15 lit / hectare 100-150 ml

Clark grades w/v:

  • Clark 7-5-5

N 7%, P2O5 5%, K2O 5% + Growth stimulator

  • Clark 12-10-8+20% O.M

N 12%, P2O5 10%, K2O 8 %, 20% O.M

Note :Could be applied on all kinds of plants among different growth stages



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