Active Ingredient

thiamethoxam 141 + Lambda-cyhalothrin 106 g/L w/v


A mixed formulation CS & SC ( ZC )


Rango is an Insecticide containing two active ingredients for insects with systemic properties, intended for the control of many biting and sucking insects , rapidly absorbed into the plant and transported acropetally in the xylem.


100 ml , 250 ml , 500 ml, 1L

Crop Pest The ratio

(ml/20 liters of water)

safety period
barley Armyworm of all kinds, aphids, beetles, stink bugs 5 – 7 30
From corn, green bugs, dream 7
broccoli, cabbage, Cauliflower Alfalfa moth, cabbage moth, cabbage worm, cut worm 6 3
Aphids, armyworm, cornworm, diamondback moth, fall armyworm, beetles, hoppers, bugs, mites 6 – 7
Cucurbits (cucumbers, melons, melons, pumpkin, squash) armyworm, beetles, cabbage moth, cornworm, cutworm, hoppers, bugs, watermelon worm, mites, zucchini beetles, zucchini bugs, stink bugs, thrips, worms 6 – 7 3
Pepper (hot + sweet), eggplant, tomatoes Aphids of all kinds, stink bugs, cabbage moths, cucumber beetles (whole insect), cutworm, European corn borer, armyworm, grasshoppers, leafhopper, stem borer, tomato fruit worm, vegetable weevil (whole insect). 6 – 7 5
Lettuce Aphids of all kinds, armyworms of all kinds, European corn borer, beetles, grasshoppers, leafhoppers, bugs, vegetable weevils 6 – 7 7
Almonds (apricot, peach, nectarine, peach, cherry) Aphids, stink bugs, apple moths, green fruit worms, beetles, leafhoppers, leafhoppers, peach branch borers, flies, locusts, flower scarabs, worms, thrips. 7 – 8 14
Tree Nuts (Nut, Pistachio) Ants of all kinds, bugs, apple moths, leaf curlers, worms, peach branch borers, aphids on nuts. 7 – 9 14
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